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Before the session

You will be sent a short form to complete with details about your current health, lifestyle and the reason you are seeking Reiki, which needs to be returned before your session.

Ways of receiving Reiki

You can receive Reiki during a face-to-face session or via distance healing. Reiki works beautifully using either method, so if you're not local to Frome you can still enjoy this wonderful therapy with me.  I offer two different options for distance healing.


Face to face

At the start of the session there will be a short consultation to discuss the details you provided on your form, the treatment, your expectations and any questions you may have.

You will then be made comfortable and cosy on a massage couch with blankets and pillows to receive the Reiki.  You remain fully clothed for the treatment and will only need to remove your shoes.  I also use elements of sound during the treatment. There are three tiers available for face-to-face sessions.  The longer sessions include a sound journey with crystal singing bowls (see Fees page for further details).

After the session, we will close with a brief conversation to discuss your experience and aftercare.

Distance healing - option 1 (live video call)

You will be contacted at your appointment time using a video call (usually WhatsApp).  The format is the same as a face-to-face session (i.e. consultation, Reiki, discussion afterwards).  You would make yourself comfortable at home with pillows and blankets in a quiet space where you wouldn't be disturbed.  The video call would remain open throughout. 60 minute appointment available.

Distance healing - option 2 (email)

This is my low contact option.  This is particularly useful for those who are unwell, aren't a fan of phones (the "introvert's special"!) or wish to remain in the energy undisturbed. 30 or 60 minute appointments available.

When you book your initial appointment, you will be asked to complete a form.  I may email if I need further information or clarification.


At your appointment time, I will tune into your energy and send the Reiki.  Afterwards, I will email you with any observations (within 24 hours).  If possible, I would recommend that you try to keep this time free to get comfortable and enjoy receiving.

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