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All Sound Healing testimonials below are the client's personal opinions, published in their own words with their permission.  

I had one session of sound healing with Léonie and felt very well rested after [the] treatment. Léonie instantly made me feel at home and relaxed. I would definitely see Léonie for further sessions and highly recommend her.

Claire, Frome

(1 to 1 session)

The sound bath was heaven and your singing was just...Magical.  Your voice felt ancient and wise.

Kelly, Melksham

(group sound journey)

I wasn't sure how I would get on with sound healing as I find it difficult to sit/lie still.  However it was the most amazing experience; it was wonderful knowing I had nothing to do for an hour but relax and lose myself in the sound of the bowls and Léonie's beautiful voice.  The time flew by and I felt completely and utterly relaxed; as deep a relaxation as I've ever experienced which lasted for days afterwards.  A very special and absorbing experience.

Deborah, Timsbury

(group sound journey)

I've had the pleasure of experiencing my first ever sound bath session with Léonie at a women's circle I go to and it was absolutely divine!  It was so relaxing that I slept like a baby that night.  Huge thanks to Léonie for the most blissful experience.

Marianna, Melksham

(group sound journey)


Testimonials are provided as one person’s experience of consultations and treatment.  At all times you are encouraged to maintain the services of a medical professional.

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