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What do I need to do?

Nothing!  You literally turn up, lie down and get cosy.  Then I will play various instruments/sing and you just need to let the sounds wash over you.

What should I bring with me?

In some venues, equipment is provided.  In venues where it isn't, I will ask you to bring a yoga mat to lie on, blanket and pillow.  Eye pillows can be a nice addition if you have one.  And anything else that will make you cosy (e.g. fluffy socks, sheepskin, bolsters etc.).  The goal is for you to be comfortable and warm.


What if I'm not able to stay still for a long period of time?

You do not have to lie like a stone for the entire time!  You can change positions.  I encourage the use of pillows and bolsters where available to get you into the most comfortable position but if you need to move, you are free to do so.  Move slowly and mindfully so that you can remain in a relaxed state and don't accidentally knock those around you.


What if my mind won't switch off?

Sound healing will work just the same.  Let go of expectations and trust that the sound healing is doing what it needs to.  There may just be things your mind needs to process that day and this can also be part of your healing.

Can anyone have sound healing?

There are some situations where caution is advised.  For a full list of contraindications, please go to this page. Adults or teenagers accompanied by an adult are welcome to the group sound journeys I hold.

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