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All Reiki testimonials below are the client's personal opinions, published in their own words with their permission.  

I’ve had four wonderful Reiki sessions with Léonie and each time I have been so impressed with her insight. She has a natural ability to tune in and pick up on energetic blockages and help move them on so afterwards I have felt lighter and uplifted. Each session has been led with compassion and professionalism so you’ll always feel in safe hands. Léonie is an amazing Reiki Practitioner and I would highly recommend her for both distance Reiki and in person sessions. 

Laura, Bristol

Having not tried Reiki before I thought it was an amazing experience.  It was interesting to me that I experienced colours and different temperatures during the treatment and [this] is also what you pick up on. With all the treatments I received I felt extremely calm and refreshed after. I would highly recommend this to others.

Kerri, Frome

Léonie has a real calming energy, from the moment you walk through the door she’s fully present and ready to hold the space for you. I’d been having trouble sleeping due to a lot of stress and changes going on at the time, and the Reiki sessions really helped me to drop into a soothing space where I was able to fully switch off and fall asleep. I felt very safe in Léonie's hands, she’s a very committed practitioner and I would highly recommend her treatments.

Fatma, Somerset


Testimonials are provided as one person’s experience of consultations and treatment.  At all times you are encouraged to maintain the services of a medical professional.

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